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Sorry for the Inconvenience: The Dirty Little War Over Chico's Bar (80 min.) is documentary that chronicles the story of Chico, whose small rustic beachside bar became ground zero in a community's battle to protect their livelihoods, their culture, and as some argue, the entire island's well-being.

Barely visible on Google earth, Chico's Bar was nestled away in Campeche beach, on the famed island of Florianopolis. It was a quiet friendly little shack frequented by locals, families, and tourists.
In addition, it was a place for community leaders to meet to discuss the region and the encroaching development.

Todd Southgate

Given the island's newly gained fame, and the thousands of new residents, Florianopolis began to change. Real-estate speculation, uncontrolled and at times illegal development, and powerful political interests became more problematic for traditional communities.

Even with these pressures on the island, Chico's Bar still possessed warmth and a hope that Florianopolis could withstand the assault, and that the island's ecology and culture could be preserved. Others saw the bar, and those who frequented the bar, as getting in the way of progress and profit.



So began the dirty little war over Chico's bar.

It is a story that spans well over a quarter century and is symbolic of much of what is happening across the island, throughout the nation of Brazil and in many other pristine and sought-after places around the world: occupation, domination and power on one hand, communities, the environment and hope on the other.

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